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ALTER IPSO is a creative company and develops new value-added features, with intelectual property patents.

Ours Solutions

Broadcast and distribution of digital TV.

Entertainment of the end-user (NVOD, VOD, radio, audio book, news...)

Multi-stream dynamic communication managed by establishment

Solution ensuring the deployment of innovative and relevant interactive services ( satisfaction survey, Roomservice, individualization of services... )

Ours services

Audit service and recommendation, in relation to your infrastructure, your project and your present instalation.

In factory integration of our solutions ( configuration, settings... ).

Assistance to the deployment, support to our integrators during instalation.

On site training by our care.

Remote maintenance and assistance service during deployment.


Department remote maintenance is 5 days/7 ot 7 days/7, 24H/24 and help to the remote installation.

A centralized pack

Do you have a project, a new request, some change in your instalation ?

We're here to guide you and to bring our expertise.

Do not hesitate to send us your request.

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