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Full solutions including digital television, IPTV, VOD (video on demand), music, internal channels of information and interactive features.

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Our latest news

  • ALTER IPSO is expanding its presence on the market of 5 stars camps

    Alter Ipso recently installed its new IPTV solution at its new customer Sunêlia du Fief in Saint-Brevin-les-Pins . Our technical team has 25 rooms equipped with a system connected to Cloud. With this new installation Alter Ipso confirms its ambition to become a leader in the hotel market.

  • Discover our new application on our channel YouTube !

  • The D. Day has come !


  • MPEG-4, Negresco

    Congratulations to ours teams of integrators which successfully of MPEG-4 with Alter Ipso  IT Raga's to Negresco at Nice.

  • A last indication on our new product

    A last indication to be revealed you !

    The connected TV

    Our new product will work on the connected Television and will allow a remote connection.

    Thanks to Rconnect you will not have to cross anymore by one cubicle!
    Meeting on April 29th to discover this innovative product!

    More than 7 days before discovering him.
    Prepare you for more innovation, fluidity and speed!
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  • ALTER IPSO opens its department computer graphics

    Our company, worried of presenting you of the pictures professional and attractive in recently opened a service computer graphics. The structure fills out again continuation upon the arrival of Marion, our computer graphic designer, to give a real visual identity to our company.

    Beautiful perspectives of evolutions are in sight with in particular the creation of all our new plaques, logos and various screens of our new frontend.

    Thanks to this new service computer graphics, Alter Ipso will offer to every customer the possibility of a unique, custom-made and personalized communication.

  • ALTER IPSO reveals a new indication

     A new indication to reveal you …

    Our new product will be accompanied with a connected remote control !

    Telecommande connectée

    Named RMouse, the latter will be adaptable to your applications. This remote control in the peculiarity to have several features.
    On one hand it is endowed with the basic characteristics but also with the system of fluid piloting and with a finer and more just direction.

    More than 13 days before discovering it.

    Prepare you for more innovation, fluidity and speed !

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  • ALTER IPSO the suspense remains complete !

    Alter Ipso the suspense remains complete...
    Our system works intégralemment in Cloud with real time updates! 


    More than a few days before discovering it.
    Prepare you for more innovation, fluidity and speed!
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  • ALTER IPSO takes back place on the market of the hotel business

    ALTER IPSO signs a new contract with the three-star hotel Three Owls, famous by its positioning right in the heart of the Park Astérix. This renowned establishment was equipped by ourselves with a solution Coax on 100 Phillips TV. A local TV were also set up to be able to manage the communication of the hotel more easily. Thanks to the installation of this new solution Alter Ipso completely takes place on the market of the hotel business.

  • A new customer for ALTER IPSO

    Alter Ipso signed a new contract with the hospital center Stell Rueil-Malmaison. We are going to equip this establishment with a Coax solution.
    The Coax application uses a Coaxial and WiFi hybrid network. 
    Integrated with the TV range PHILIPS, the solution ALTER IPSO equips 168 TV of the establishment.
    Our equipment is also interconnected with the system PMS of HP and the interactive terminal allowing the patient to register.

    Alter Ipso confirms by this new partnership its leadership on the market of the health in IPTV.

  • ALTER IPSO is going to surprise you !

    Alter Ipso did not stop surprising you !
    The discount is launched from now on before the revelation of our quite new product which will see in the daytime in the end of April, 2016.

    J - 39

    Prepare you for more innovation, fluidity and speed !

  • ALTER IPSO offers you the best !
    Our Research and development department, always in search of performance and of quality, proposes you an improvement of the software of our footbridges today. 
    This evolution allowed us to cross from the version 1.0.57 to the new version 1.1.1, as well as to change the operating system in passing 32 bits in 64 bits. 
    The improvement of the system is going to allow to correct security flaws, to decrease " burst networks " and will guarantee you a better reliability of the system and the stability of the software. You will benefit from a better quality of exit of the TV flows.


  • Of the new at ALTER IPSO

    ALTER IPSO announces you the creation of a Communications and Marketing office, since laste February 5th !

    Your favored interlocutors Cyriane and Manon will be happy to speak and to exchange with you. Find us from nom on the various social networks : FacebookGoogle +LinkedInTwitter and so follow our real time current events !

  • All in the high-definition DTT(DIGITAL TERRESTRIAL TELEVISION)

    Are you ready by April 5th, 2016?

    It is official, since several months, the MPEG 2 ends. From April 5th, 2016, the DTT(DIGITAL TERRESTRIAL TELEVISION) will only be diffused in MPEG 4, which becomes compulsory. The standard MPEG 4 will end the double distribution(broadcasting) SD / HD of certain free national historic chains(channels) on the DTT(DIGITAL TERRESTRIAL TELEVISION) (TF1, France 2, M6, Arte). Pay channels and HD being already in MPEG 4.
    You are naturally concerned by this change, as by more than 2,6 million homes. 

    Are you ready so that on April 5th in the morning your installation works perfectly to avoid having black screens when you will light your TV?

    ALTER IPSO accompanies you in this approach !

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